HCTHxxx functionals, potentials, basis and some water

Alin Marin Elena alinm... at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 18:26:20 UTC 2010

Evening all,

I am trying to play with some water, that later may get a molecule or
two of acid.
In order to setup the game I was thinking to play with the HTCH functionals.

Now let me summaries my understanding for setting up the potential and
the basis set.

Once I choose the functional I will need a GTH potential consistent
with my choice. I should use the potential tool offered is potentials
for my elements are not available.
I already went through the

I managed to converge the atom calculations using the 4.0/5.0 trick.
I wonder about the templates for the pseudopotential... The
instructions suggest to use the ones from the blyp C, why not the ones
generated by the atom program?

I find out that the pseudo program converges very slow... amoeba seems
to be tricked in some local minima (HCTH147 generating GTH for H). I
found that puzzling as I thought H will be the easiest element to
tackle (just a naive assumption?).

Then once this will end up well... I am thinking of optimizing a basis
set consistent with my functional and my potential. I have failed to
find any instructions to guide me through, any hints?



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