[CP2K:2723] compiling on XT5

ivaylo ivo6i... at gmail.com
Tue May 18 23:54:00 UTC 2010

Hi all,
Has anyone encountered the following when trying to compile on Cray

ftn  -c -freeform -I/opt/fftw/3.1.1/cnos/include/
/opt/cray/xt-asyncpe/3.7/bin/ftn: INFO: linux target is being used

MODULE qs_integrate_potential
pathf95-855 pathf90-3.2.99: ERROR QS_INTEGRATE_POTENTIAL, File =
qs_integrate_potential.f90, Line = 30, Column = 8
  The compiler has detected errors in module
"QS_INTEGRATE_POTENTIAL".  No module information file will be created
for this module.

    CALL dbcsr_distribution_make_threads(dist)
pathf95-1688 pathf90-3.2.99: ERROR INTEGRATE_V_RSPACE, File =
qs_integrate_potential.f90, Line = 869, Column = 42
  Because dummy argument DIST is volatile, this actual argument is not

        CALL dbcsr_distribution_make_threads(dist)

Compiling with pathscale on XT5 and the following settings:
CC       = cc
CPP      = cpp
FC       = ftn
LD       = ftn
AR       = ar -r
DFLAGS   = -D__XT5 -D__FFTW3 -D__FFTSG -D__parallel -D__BLACS -
CPPFLAGS = -traditional -C $(DFLAGS) -P -I/opt/fftw/3.1.1/cnos/include
FCFLAGS  = -freeform -I/opt/fftw/3.1.1/cnos/include
LDFLAGS  = $(FCFLAGS) -static
LIBS     = -L/opt/fftw/3.1.1/cnos/lib -lfftw3 -lfftw3f

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