[CP2K:2670] compile the latest version of cp2k with g95

zh vale... at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 12:43:38 UTC 2010

Dear all,

I tried to compile the latest version (e.g. 2.1.223) of cp2k with g95,
scalapck (0.96), openmpi-1.4.1. The g95 installed on my computer
cluster is the 0.92 version built on Linux x86_64/EMT64 (32 bit
D.I.).  The fftw3, openmpi, and scalapack are compiled with this
version of g95 and installed on my machines.The following arch file
was used for compiling cp2k:
CC       = cc
CPP      = /usr/bin/cpp
FC       = /work/z-hou/soft/openmpi-g95/bin/mpif90
LD       = /work/z-hou/soft/openmpi-g95/bin/mpif90
AR       = ar -r
DFLAGS   = -D__G95 -D__FFTSG -D__parallel -D__BLACS -D__SCALAPACK -
G95_INC  = /work/z-hou/soft/fftw3-g95/include
CPPFLAGS = -C -traditional  $(DFLAGS) -I$(G95_INC)
FCFLAGS  = $(DFLAGS) -I$(G95_INC) -ffree-form -fno-underscoring  -O1 -
ffast-math -cpp -g -fbounds-check -ftrace=full   -funroll-loops
G95_LIB = /work/z-hou/scalapack_installer_0.96/lib
LIBS     = $(G95_LIB)/libscalapack.a \
           $(G95_LIB)/blacsC.a \
           $(G95_LIB)/blacsF77.a \
           $(G95_LIB)/blacs.a \
           $(G95_LIB)/libreflapack.a \
           $(G95_LIB)/librefblas.a \


The binary module of cp2k (i.e., cp2k.popt) is successfully obtained
with the above arch file. But when I run it in parallel manner, the
following errors were met:

[pcc-hs36:16109] *** Process received signal ***
[pcc-hs36:16109] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[pcc-hs36:16109] Signal code:  (128)
[pcc-hs36:16109] Failing at address: (nil)
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 0] /lib64/libpthread.so.0 [0x382700e7c0]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 1] /work/z-hou/soft/openmpi-g95/lib/libmpi.so.0
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 2] /work/z-hou/soft/openmpi-g95/lib/libmpi.so.
0(PMPI_Group_incl+0x172) [0x2b66ad6f87d2]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 3] /work/z-hou/bin/cp2k.sopt(BI_TransUserComm+0x52)
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 4] /work/z-hou/bin/cp2k.sopt(blacs_gridmap+0x10d)
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 5] /work/z-hou/bin/cp2k.sopt(blacs_gridinit+0xbb)
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 6] /work/z-hou/bin/
cp2k.sopt(cp_blacs_calls_MP_cp_blacs_gridinit+0x4c) [0x2cc830c]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 7] /work/z-hou/bin/
cp2k.sopt(cp_blacs_env_MP_cp_blacs_env_create+0x542) [0x1b1984a]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 8] /work/z-hou/bin/
cp2k.sopt(qs_environment_types_MP_init_qs_env+0x1098) [0xb1ef24]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [ 9] /work/z-hou/bin/
cp2k.sopt(qs_environment_types_MP_qs_env_create+0x122) [0xb21b4d]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [10] /work/z-hou/bin/
cp2k.sopt(qs_main_MP_quickstep_create_force_env+0x12b) [0xcff143]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [11] /work/z-hou/bin/
cp2k.sopt(f77_interface_MP_create_force_env+0x1c15) [0x4f515b]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [12] /work/z-hou/bin/cp2k.sopt(cp2k_runs_MP_cp2k_run
+0x1b83) [0x4afc53]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [13] /work/z-hou/bin/cp2k.sopt(cp2k_runs_MP_run_input
+0x24d) [0x4bab8b]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [14] /work/z-hou/bin/cp2k.sopt(MAIN_+0x154b)
[pcc-hs36:16109] [15] /work/z-hou/bin/cp2k.sopt(main+0xe) [0x366f97e]
[pcc-hs36:16109] [16] /lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf4)
[pcc-hs36:16109] [17] /work/z-hou/bin/cp2k.sopt [0x4abbe9]
[pcc-hs36:16109] *** End of error message ***
mpirun noticed that process rank 0 with PID 16109 on node pcc-hs36
exited on signal 11 (Segmentation fault).

>From searching the solution of the similar problem on internet, it
seems to be related to how fortran compiler handles the 32 bit and 64
bit in mpi. But I did not find out the exact solution.

I also tried the 0.92 version of g95 built on Linux x86_64/EMT64 (64
bit D.I.). The same errors were met.  I also suffered this terrible
problem when I used the intel fortran compiler on a same machine and
the pgi fortran compiler on a CARY-XT5 machine to compile the latest
version of cp2k. If anyone can give me some helps or hints to fix this
problem, I will greatly appreciate him.

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