mpich2 version: 1.0.7

Axel akoh... at
Mon Feb 16 16:56:28 UTC 2009

On Feb 16, 11:01 am, carlo antonio pignedoli <c.pig... at>
> Dear all,
> I compiled cp2k with intel mpich2 version: 1.0.7
> and I got a segmentation fault (forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV,
> segmentation fault occurred)
> for all my inputs that were working with mpich1.
> Is there any known problem with mpich2?

if there is a problem, it has to be within mpich2 or how you
compiled/installed it, not in cp2k.
if cp2k would use non-portable, non-standard MPI constructs,
those would have shown up long ago.

perhaps your mpich2 compilation picked up the mpich1 mpif.h file
instead of the one for mpich2 and there could be some
in the ABI. or your compiler miscompiled mpich2. the latter would be
likely, if you compiled with a high optimization level (not
for MPI).

but why bother with mpich at all, when openmpi works so
much better? ;)


> Ciao
> Carlo

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