[CP2K:2475] GHOST and QMMM

Laino Teodoro teodor... at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 22:38:19 UTC 2009

Deat Stas,
if you know the rules (I didn't see any input file attached in the  
first message) you should know that an input file like the one that  
you have just sent is useless.
Come back with an input file that uses a minimal number of  
instructions and that reproduces the error.

You can get help for free in this mailing list but you need to make  
our work easy.
Otherwise feel free to debug things by yourself.


On 17 Dec 2009, at 23:12, Stanislav Avdoshenko wrote:

> Hi Teo,
> I know those rules, but anyway thanks.
> 1) google says only nothing about those kind of things.
> 2) please find in attached an example of input file (sorry, it has  
> a bit bad structure, it just a working version).
> Thanks, Stas
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