GLOBAL / BLACS_GRID and globenv%blacs_grid_layout

Noam Bernstein at
Mon Aug 17 19:25:05 UTC 2009

Hi - I'd like to patch CP2K so that it can (optionally) call the appropriate
BLACS_SET after creating a BLACS grid to ensure repeatability
of collectives.

I was hoping to follow along with the usage of GLOBAL / BLACS_GRID.
I see that cp_blacs_env_create() takes an optional variable
blacs_grid_layout, and I figured I could just add another one
(blacs_repeatable, or something of the sort).  However, I don't
see any place where this optional variable is being passed in
from globenv.

Am I missing something?  Are the changes necessary for BLACS_GRID
to really be used just incomplete?  Will the information be passed down
from the top level as an integer (blacs_grid_layout) or by passing

I'd be happy to produce a patch that implements blacs_grid_layout
and adds blacs_repeatable, but I don't want to do it in a way that
conflicts with developer desires, style, or planned changes.


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