CUDA build

Ben Levine ben.l... at
Wed Apr 15 19:12:48 UTC 2009

Sorry for the very slow reply.  I don't frequent the google group the
way I used too...  I appreciate your suggestions.  I have been working
on the code some again recently and hope to submit a patch soon which
will include, among other improvements, your suggested changed to the
README.  Thanks!

On Mar 13, 10:05 am, Ondrej Marsalek <ondrej.... at>
> Dear CP2K developers,
> I have find two minor issues with the file cuda_tools/README.
> 1) I think that it should mention that NVFLAGS should include DFLAGS.
> 2) It should include the cublas library in the libraries that need to
> be included in the link.
> Best,
> Ondrej

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