available units of measure

Matthias matthia... at psi.ch
Fri Oct 24 12:05:46 UTC 2008

The online manual is updated.
Just follow the new links for "Default unit:" in the keyword



On 24 Okt., 13:18, Laino Teodoro <teodor... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Many time people asked for the whole bunch of units of measures  
> available in CP2K.
> We have an html page now, where the whole list of units is divided  
> according physical quantities
> (mass, length, etc..):
> http://cp2k.berlios.de/manual/units.html
> This page can be reached as well from the main reference page:http://cp2k.berlios.de/manual/index.html
> the page will be online as soon as the manual will be updated.
> The definition of the default units of measure for all keywords is  
> not complete.
> Many keywords do not need a unit and for few of them the definition  
> was forgotten.
> So, if you find some keyword for which the unit was not defined (easy  
> to realize since
> in the keyword online description there will be no mention to the  
> units) and you think
> it should have a unit of measure, please  report them here on this  
> thread.
> I will be happy to update missing ones.
> cheers
> Teo

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