undefined references

Eric Shamay eric.... at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 21:09:35 CEST 2008

Thanks Axel,

I've decided to recompile using gfortran and the gnu C compiler (gcc)
instead of the Intel based ones for now. The compile was done from a
fresh update from CVS. Now the reference errors are gone, but the
compilation hangs while trying to put together qs_mo_types.F. I
managed to compile quite successfully and repeatedly on an ia64
machine about 6 months ago, but the recent CVS updates have somehow
broken that by either hanging during compilation, or causing new
undefined references.

I'll keep hacking at it, but I'm still lost as to why the parallel
compiles have stopped working altogether.


On Jul 9, 8:06 pm, Axel <akoh... at gmail.com> wrote:
> eric,
> On Jul 9, 6:49 pm, Eric Shamay <eric.... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Any ideas on where the following undefined references are coming from
> > during compilation of the sopt?
> there are many possibilities:
> - continuing an incomplete interrupted build.
> - time skew on the build file system server.
> - a broken make program...
> - recompile from different compiler with leftover
>   object files.
> please do a "cvs update -d" and a "make distclean"
> to make sure you have up-to-date sources and no
> leftovers and try building again.
> cheers,
>    axel.
> > I'm using the intel compilers and ATLAS libraries. I haven't seen
> > these before.
> > ~Eric
> > /home/eric/cp2k/makefiles/../lib/cl8-intel/sopt/
> > libcp2k_lib.a(physcon.o): In function `physcon_mp_init_physcon_':
> > /home/eric/cp2k/makefiles/../src/physcon.F:(.text+0xf02): undefined
> > reference to `periodic_table_mp_init_periodic_table_'
> > /home/eric/cp2k/makefiles/../lib/cl8-intel/sopt/

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