segmentation fault

Axel akoh... at
Mon Dec 15 17:57:36 UTC 2008

On Dec 13, 10:59 am, Jun <chen... at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am running BOMD on CRAY-XT4. The job was killed from time to time.
> Sometimes I can restarted it without doing anything, the other times I
> can't. If I removed the WFN_RESTART file, the job was also able to be
> restarted in later cases. The inputs and error message are packed with
> the name of seg.tgz and uploaded in the forum files.
> Any reply will be obliged.

this is very likely not a problem of the cp2k code, but
of the machine and its software configuration. thus your
best chances to get help are by working with he local
user support staff.

most of the problems on cray xt class machines are due
to bugs in the PGI compilers.

> Cheers,
> Jun

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