CP2K compilation on p5series AIX 5.3

Matt W MattWa... at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 17:16:43 UTC 2008

Version: 10.01.0000.0006 fails with the same errors you're seeing
using the standard arch file.  Changing the second definition of
FCFLAGS to FCFLAGS2 solves the problem (meaning it compiles pint_types
OK).  There could be other issues with the old compiler though.

On Apr 7, 4:39 pm, CompilationAIX <compila... at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Very strange you're right, in fact FCFLAGS is defined like that in the
> archive (not modified by me).
> For the compiler version, I'm not really sure because perhaps we have
> to pay for a major version change, I'll have a look about that.
> Thanks for your help anyway, I hope we'll find :-)

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