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As Juerg said, NPT is fully operational.  For use of the thermostating
issues, please look in /tests/FIST/regtest and
look for input files with NPT or grep for the section NPT.  This
should help.

On May 2, 11:40 am, "Nichols A. Romero" <naro... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry for all my questions.
> I am interested in NPT dynamics simulation. I would like to understand how
> this is implemented.
> MD&NOSE is the NoseHoover Thermostat chains (for use with NVT), while
> seems to have its own thermostat. So the barostat has its on thermostat, and
> NoseHoover
> Thermostat chains (MD&NOSE) should not be used in conjuction with the
> Thanks for all your help.
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