[CP2K:121] Re: dangling pointer on FORCE

Toon Verstraelen toon.ver... at UGent.be
Mon Jun 4 15:42:21 UTC 2007


It might be helpfull to run your testcase with valgrid to find the exact 
source of the problem. I used it a few years ago to find memory leaks in 
a c-program. I think the project is still actively maintained. 



Nichols A. Romero wrote:
> Teodoro,
> Ran a couple of tests. CP2K (date:5/31/07) when compiled with all the checks
> is failing in exactly the same manner as in the gzipped output file that I
> sent you earlier. (So I will not bother resending the same output file.)
> The _unchecked_ version also failed in exactly the same manner as in an
> earlier version of CP2K (5/8/07) which I reported in my initial e-mail. Now,
> I had run this input file with even earlier version of CP2K and it now
> longer seems to be clear what is causing the crash. It frequently seemed
> that it occured at different points with the same error message. This was a
> libgm deregister memory error. I apologize for neglecting to mention this in
> my initial e-mail.
> Between the unchecked 5/8/07 and 5/31/07 version, there is now some
> consistency. It seems to have something to do with obtaining the eigenvalues
> of the unoccupied subspace (and probably nothing to do with memory or
> dangling pointers). For those two versions, the errors occurs on NVT step
> number 459:

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