Memory leaks?

jgh hut... at
Sat Jul 14 21:57:49 UTC 2007

Sorry for coming late to the party.

I run some applications on thursday/friday and encountered similar
I didn't realize until now that the problems were memory related. My
jobs got
slower and slower and finally crashed (swapping of course). I then
the problem to the changes made on July 3/4 to the files
qs_collocate_density.F and qs_integrate_potential.F .
The problem is related to the changes that include "contained"
in module subroutines.
I didn't have time to follow this further or to change the routines to


On Jul 14, 9:57 pm, Teodoro Laino <teodor... at> wrote:
> Mmmmmmm.....
> Unfortunately there are no such preprocessing Axel oriented things ;-))
> And moreover here is the news:
> I'm not so happy to say that with a totally different input file I
> was able to reproduce on the CRAY at CSCS the same problem
> you're experiencing Axel..
> I ran out of memory after 2 geometry optimization steps.. :(((((
> I'm finishing now to isolate the commit that was creating the
> trouble.. 1 afternoon job :((
> hold on.. more news in the next hours..
> Teo

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