[CP2K:186] Re: Memory leaks?

Teodoro Laino teodor... at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 23:33:49 UTC 2007

Ciao Axel,

 From the stack trace you sent I can identify the following modules:

-) cp_units   (not updated since 6 months)
-) input_cp2k_restarts  (relevant possible update 11days ago)
-) cp_output_handling (not updated since 2 months)
-) input_val_types (not updated since 6 months)

The only possible problems could than be with input_cp2k_restarts..
But what about the error messages localized in the other modules??

Looks more like a general problem of the pgi_trim than something  
localized in recent changes..
(though you said that the version of the 18-06 was ok!) (did you try  
to recompile now with same
compiler/library  that version (18-06-07)?)

The strange thing is that I can't reproduce the error you had with  
the oldest file H2O-32.inp with
pgi-7.0.4 :((


On 13 Jul 2007, at 23:57, Axel wrote:

> from looking at the changelog there were some input related
> changes recently, but only the people having implemented
> them can tell, whether there is an alternate way to do
> the same and not trigger this (compiler) bug... :-(

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