[CP2K:231] Tutorial on cp2k

Teodoro Laino teodor... at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 11:53:35 UTC 2007

Ciao Luca,

unfortunately a tutorial is not still available. Then you may ask:  
how can a new user approach cp2k?
Mainly with a great persistency and motivation ;-)

Having a look at the examples (take care that most of regtests have  
parameters set in order to run fast and absolutely
have no sense for production runs), starting your own input and  
asking to the google group for  things that you don't really  
understand or that look weird.

There's some sort pg plan for a tutorial but it will take some time..
Hope though these difficulties you will enjoy CP2K ;-)


On 31 Aug 2007, at 13:47, Luca wrote:

> Dear cp2k users,
> Where can i find tutorial or guide for cp2k?
> The examples in cp2k/tests/ and "CP2K input reference" command list
> are very good but not enough for
> new users.
> Thanks
> >

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